CBD Bitters – Cherry Bourbon


NEW RELEASE !!! Manhattan Lovers Rejoice! Organic Tart and Bing Cherries soaked in 7 year aged Bourbon with the perfect blend of herbs and spices create the perfect Cherry bitters.  We challenge you to find better … as we’ve tasted them all before releasing this game-changer. The power of colorado grown cannabidiol to enhance your favorite sparkling water or cocktail.

40 Servings per bottle

Suggested Use: Add 5 dashes (5mg of CBD) to 10 dashes (10mg of CBD) to any cocktail or sparkling water

Botanicals: Organic Super Critical Cannabidiol, 7 year aged Bourbon, Tart and Bing Cherries, Schisandra berries, Cherry Bark, Cassia cinnamon,  and Gentian
Benefits: Hangover Prevention/Aid, Anxiety, Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Sleep Aid
Pairings: Whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, tea, bubble water

Cocktail Recipes: Coming soon…



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