CBD Bitters – Natural


The power of colorado grown cannabidiol to enhance your favorite sparkling water or cocktail.  Our all “Natural” takes advantage of the inherent bitter nature of Cannabidiol, with no other added flavorings or sugar.  This allows for a perfectly versatile addition to any cocktail, wine, beer, or non alcoholic beverage.  Enjoy!

40 Servings per bottle

Suggested Use: Add 5 dashes (5mg of CBD) to 10 dashes (10mg of CBD) to any cocktail or sparkling water

Botanicals: Organic Super Critical Cannabidiol
Benefits: Hangover Prevention/Aid, Anxiety, Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Sleep Aid
Pairings: Whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, vodka, tea, bubble water

Cocktail Recipes: Coming soon …



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